Being social has never been so important

Social media has the power to transform a brand overnight. It also has the ability to ruin a brand. At Danson Digital Limited we ensure you integrate with the right social media channels and use each one to its full potential.

Social media optimisation involves driving traffic to websites through new channels besides search engines. This might include sites such as Facebook and YouTube which have revolutionised how we interact with other people online (Web 2.0), being able to share our hobbies, interests, and allowing the world to learn much more about us.

Perhaps one of the best examples recently of social media optimisation was of Top Shop, who reportedly acquired around 5% of their total website traffic from their MySpace Profile. This success seems to be related to the targeted offers, i.e. sending Top Shop "friends" special offers and links to targeted pod casts.

At Evolve we have embraced this new technology, and our expertise in the medium of social media has led us to start offering exciting new services to our clients - social media optimisation (or SMO) services. These are aimed at complimenting our more traditional search engine optimisation and PPC advertising offerings.

Some examples of the possibilities with social media marketing:

Because of the nature of this medium, each client will require a unique marketing strategy, depending on their goals.

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